Good is on Top - Bringing Evil Back!

Plan Fruition and Paladin Slaying

The Evil 4 planned and strategized for a week. On the night two before the Festival of the Battle of the Beginning, the ambush of and acquiring of goods occurred. With no proper guard escort the ambush was flawless. After gathering the materials, pinning the ambush on some local bandits, the group saw upon their departure a lone figure a well distance off watching them.

The next day, Bennaji is able to steal some magical scrolls from deep under the local library as well as get a key made to it’s front door. That night, the group inconspicuously gather up for dinner at Nilones Bend. With it being the Eve of the Festival, a few strangers were also among the tavern’s patrons for the night. Upon meal completion a stranger reveals himself to be Johnson “Flamestrike” McGee a Paladin of the Iomedae order, there upon orders of his Circle’s Knight-General. Discovering the Evil inhabiting the town, he acted and tried to slay the Foursome. With Bennaji’s magical assistance, Rawr was able to keep the Paladin locked in his grasps as Justice and Varada help make quick work of him. Soon the Paladin was on his last leg and Justice dispatched him with a swift slash of his sword. To cover up the murder, the group burns down the tavern and Justice obtains the services of the tavern’s waitress.


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