Tag: Human


  • Justice

    Born from a Calistrian prostitute, Justice never knew his father. Raised in the church/brothel of the Savored Sting, he grew up immersed in the teachings of the church, do what you must for yourself, tolerate no betrayal... Justice just took more pleasure …

  • Jason Ford

    A distant cousin to LeRon, Jason owns a shipping/trading company in Nilones. He primarily deals in large bulk and therefore, his revenue is not constant. As soon as money comes in, it all nearly goes back out again to cover expenses.

  • Shaun O'Leary

    Shaun O'Leary is a respectable merchant of high social standing. While not a noble, he does clientele to many as he is primarily in the silk business. The O'Leary family before Shaun were just importers/exporters of silk and its goods. They were barley …