Dwarven Warspear

weapon (melee)

Dwarven Warspear:

Cost – 45gp
Dmg (S) – 1d6*
Dmg (M) – 1d8*
Critical – Times 2
Range – 15ft
Weight – 4.5 lbs
Dmg Tpye – P
Special – Brace, Reach

Back end of Weapon Dmg:

Dmg (S) – 1d4
Dmg (M) – 1d6

An Exotic Weapon that is considered light. Dwarves are automatically proficient with this weapon.


Through generations of Dwarven engineering and fights for survivals, Dwarves discovered a way to have the benefits of a longspear but only need one hand to wield. This allows for very unique warfare, especially in tunnels. The weapon has two points. The main larger point is used for attacking and frontal assaults. The smaller point has two purposes. First, it can be used as a brace and be dug into the ground. This is used for when an expected charge occurs and helps keep tunnel fights more single file. The other use of the small point is to allow for attacks to the rear in case of flanking.

When two wielders of the Dwarven Warspear fight back-to-back, they risk injuring the other (50%) unless they have the Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Dwarven Warspear Feat. However, if the Warspear is used as a projectile, the wielder still has a slight chance (10%) of hitting the other (75% chance to hit without the Feat).

The Warspear allows for attacks through occupied space into the following space only if wielder has Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Dwarven Warspear. If occupied space is an ally no penalty. However, if occupied space views the wielder as a threat than Attack of Opportunity is provoked. All decisions must be made Pre-Roll of the AoO. AoO can either be taken on the Warspear wielder or against the Warspear itself. If taken on the Warspear, the attack may either be against the weapon itself (possibly destroying it) or to parry the weapon.

Dwarven Warspear

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