LeRon Ford


Violet eyes. 5’11" 145 lbs. Slight tan skin. Warm appearance, feels very approachable. Shoulder long brown hair. Scar down his left bicep from shoulder socket to elbow joint.


Half-Elf on his mother’s side, LeRon has been the Patriarch for the Fords for nearly five years. Fords are currently losing in The Great Noble Game, part of which was the untimely death of LeRon’s parents. With LeRon’s mother being elven, she brought a certain quality and uniqueness to the game, enough so that it put the Fords in power for almost three decades, the longest power rule in history of the Nilones Game. However, LeRon is not worried. He is Half-Elf. He will live longer than Frank, his successor and even his successor. LeRon has goals and plans for the not so immediate future. He is currently un-married. There is no Matriarch of the Ford family, a fact not settling to well upon Nilones as it is unheard of, especially with nobility and with females of the family being alive and living in the community.

LeRon Ford

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