Jade McBridge


Slender. C-Cup. 5’7". 122. Mid-Back blonde hair. Angular jade eyes (almost feline). Small, turn-up very snooty nose (though she doesn’t act snooty). 19.


Jade married Frank 2 years ago on Mid-Summer Festival (Holiday halfway through the year (180 days on either side of the festival – 361 days = year, 30 days = month). Her maiden name is Lemongrass, a minor noble woman from a different region of the country Tanesworth. A woman who had just come into womanhood, a month before, Frank had been courting for her affecting for 3 years. Refusing to use her in political marriage or deal, Frank gave up all right he would have possessed by marrying into a slightly more noble family. Jade, upon learning of Frank’s gallant deed, also gave up her rights though not her family nor her rights as a member of said family. In the eyes of the law and political circuit, Jade & Frank are both McBridges.

Jade McBridge

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