Frank McBridge


5’2" Somber looking (always deep in thought), black hair with a sprinkle of gray, 157 lbs., blue eyes bright and lively. Always wears long sleeves despite Nilones’ summers. 41.


Frank has been the McBridge Patriarch for 15 years. The last five have seen the shift to his family in power and voting rights. Frank knows this has come because of the death the elven Ford. While he enjoys the power and rights now, he knows that if something is not done, that Half-Elf mutt will live long enough to usurp his own family’s next 3 patriarchs. While Frank knows assassinations are not the way, he would never stoop to such a level. Fords aren’t evil or even Evil, they just feel certain rights and laws are more necessary than others. Frank is one of the few McBridges that does not have desires beyond Nilones. He wants to join The Kingdom Court in order to keep his town from being over-looked in this world without Evil.

Frank McBridge

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