Good is on Top - Bringing Evil Back!

The Welcoming of Royalty

As is customary among nobles in most of Veg’nas, Varada hosted a formal get together for his similar rank peers and people of honor. Two notable groups of interest were Shaun O’Leary and Jason Ford. While Shaun had been taken more of interest byJustice, Varada soon had plans for his fellow Dominus. However, in a very unique and highly unheard of fashion, Varada was soon host to not one but both Baronets of Nilones. Frank McBridge and LeRon Ford. While it is unprecedented for such rank to show up to such an occasion for lesser Nobles, in Nilones with the power and rights almost 50/50 among the Baronets, the support of a new Dominus from outside blood could prove to be very vital in the acquisition of a seat on the King’s Court and the nobility rank of Baron that is attached to having such a position. However, by the end of night Varada didn’t seem to be in favor of either Baronet, though his interest in Jason never wavered. In fact, Varada had a very strong desire in joining the shipping business.


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