Good is on Top - Bringing Evil Back!

Power Accquired

The night after the festival, the Evil 4 find themselves amongst their usual spots while within the walls of the Varada Manor. Bennaji Meisinger was in the drawing room with his rat, tuning his music instrument. Justice was upstairs in his room with Mira, teaching her news ways of pleasure, loyalty and further bending her towards his will. Rawr Crunch (The Mighty) was outside on the wall, drawing pictures of the landscape by moonlight. Finally, Varada was in his study, going over his plans and calculating as much as he could to ensure his success of obtaining more power and a new noble rank amongst Nilones. Soon, at the same time, the four of them drift off to sleep right where they are in the middle of each of their activities.

Standing amongst a smokeless fire, the four of them are spaced about in equal distance in a circle 20’ from the light source. A voice fills the air. It explains to them that is has been watching them for quite awhile and is most pleased with their most recent actions. Tired from Evil’s downward spiral all across Grail’Mor as well as other planes, the voice explains that what the Evil 4 is doing is most intriguing but can not be done by just them as the would never survive once the rest of the world learned they are evil. However, the Voice does not want to see them fail so it has decided to embed power into each one of the four, making them the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. Each one the four individuals gained new powers based of their skills and desires. However, even with the newly giving abilities, much more is needed to be done. Soon the four of them find themselves back among the Manor.

Along with his new powers and his deeds of late, Justice’s sword speaks to him about a very promising lead that literally laid beneath his feet.


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