Good is on Top - Bringing Evil Back!

It All Starts With The First Step...

Nilones is place of routine. Predictability. Almost boring. At least this was the established feel for four of Nilones’ newest residents.

Walking into Nilones under his own power might have gotten Rawr Crunch (The Mighty) at best chased out of town or locked up. At worst, the Half-Orc might have been killed. Despite there being no Evil in this part of Grail’Mor for nearly 25 years, many of Nilones’ citizens remember the savagery and brutalness of Orcs and their half-breed spawns. This, however, would not be the case for Rawr as he had recently just saved a citizen’s life. Bex Evans, owner of Nilones Bend, saw Rawr’s potential and took him on as an employee of his establishment as a bouncer and laborer. Having his own spot in the basement, Rawr is also the Night Watchguard.

Loaded down with enough gear for two grown men, a Halfling finds himself among the cracked streets of an out of the way neighborhood in Nilones. Tired, weary from travel and in need of a bath, Bennaji Meisinger entered the first establishment he came across, Nilones Bend. Not long after he made his introductions to Bex, Bennaji had become the establishment’s local entertainer. While his usual choice of more somber tunes and melodies did not attract a whole host of new customers, it did bring in some as well as get the old ones to stay around longer, coughing up more copper, hell even some silver. That alone was worth paying Bennaji some free food and a place by the hearth.

Just hours after the rising of the sun on a fine day in the midst of winter, not long after the first of the year, a fair skin man was seen in Nilones. Justice attracted some attention among the citizens for while he was not only pleasing to the eyes, his light complexion was an unusual sight in this part of the world. Justice’s uniqueness soon had him the apple of noble widow’s eye and found him in her bed with access to both the lady and her goods. As not to be tied down nor to serious, Justice soon searched for an establishment that he could frequent with little to no possibility of running into the widow. With such a goal, Justice discovered Nilones Bend.

The first of the year saw a deal finish being brokered and a new noble listed among the residents of Nilones. Varada, however, is not your common noble. This is because he is Tengu, a humanoid species that is very avian. After the requisition of his new home, Varada arranged transportation for himself and his belonging. Accompany him as always were his two faithful servants. Once arrived in Nilones, Varada spent much time arranging his home, getting a feel for the environment and acquiring new help to maintain the manor, its everyday functions and the surrounding land. As is accustomed, Varada threw a house warming party, welcoming the nobles. Needing supplies and goods for the event, he soon made a deal with Bex Evans of Nilones Bend.

A fortnight before the Festivities of The Battle of the Beginning, Nilones Bend was soon host to all four of the new residents. With some luck, some information gathering, a personal desire and intriguing conversation, the group were on their way back to Varada’s. Conversation of an alliance and a plan to generate some influence among the populace was quickly under way. However, not long after leaving the watchful eyes of the local guards and patrols, the travelers were stopped. The goods, and the people by proxy, were under attack and demanded by a group brigands. Not one to take insult, Varada, his companions and servants soon dispatched of the hooligans, leaving a blood soaked road and litter of bodies among it. Back at the Varada Estate, details were finalized and much needed rest was assumed.

What will the party have in store for not only its guests but also the host and his fellowship?


Spens, a Widower is a male widow. I mean, sure, I could probably have one of those as well… but I don’t think that is what you meant. _


Fixed. Thanks. Really appreciate the feedback. I finished creating the first boss last night, I am really looking forward to when the group and the boss meet.

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