Good is on Top - Bringing Evil Back!

Good Is On Top - Basic Information and Guide to the Start of Bringing Back Evil

Where will you go when Evil has gone away?

10 years ago evil was all but snuffed out and the scales tipped heavily in favor of good. Bastions were besieged. Races were annihilated. From every corner, evil was destroyed. On the surface, deep in the forests even in the Dark Realm itself, evil is but a faint memory for most and something that is not even experienced by some. What cause such a powerful and almost perfect transformation on Grail’Mor? Why, that’s no secret. It was the formation of a society known the world over as The Collection. A society who, likes its name, is design was simple and almost an after thought. Starting with one small victory and slowly spreading, Collecting up villages, farms, travelers. Followers, nations, religious zealots. Poor and rich alike. All came behind this movement and contributed in some way. The simple victory? Down South, on the Quan Zanzaleer Peninsula, a small hamlet was being ravished by a dreaded curse. Werewolves roaming the forest,cult sacrifices and abductions of children, especially young nubile teenage girls. The villagers thought the Deities had left them and this was their fate for allowing a shady personage to take up rent in the old Fort on the hill. A man known only as The Settler. This is what the villagers had been instructed to call him, being told it was for their own protection. He said his name could not be given because if it was leaked he was there, a terrible wraith would be brought upon the people of the hamlet. At this warning or even threat, the citizens should have said no. Nay, they needed to have said no, but (as there always is one in cases like these) he paid well and did bring bring a moderate increase in travelers, like he said it would occur mind you, to the village, nearly all of whom seemed legit, followers of The Path and never cause real harm. Oh sure, they got drunk and destroyed furniture in the local tavern but they always paid for it in the morning plus them some. And once, a handful of them searched the forest for 2 days looking for a couple of lost children and stopped a goblin camp from turning into a permanent settlement.

So where was the harm??

Well, about a fortnight passed the New Year, things became peculiar. Nothing to alarming at first, weird sounds at night, a small but replaceable amount of livestock missing, tracks that looked not from local game nor humanoid. Questionable but somewhat explainable and very easily dismissible events. But then the first disappearance occurred a week later. 14 year old, to the day, Lacey Vey. Young, beautiful, 5’9”, pert B’ cup and slender legs from her jobs of berry picker, water fetcher and child monitoring. She had recently blossomed into her womanhood. A fact noticed by all, especially some recent visitors to the town. One in particular had his eye captured by her and seemed to have also caught young Lacey’s affection. Oh they tried to play it off and being friendly, but as adults are prone to do, they knew right away. While her father was not at all keen, Talia Vey knew her daughter would not allow some boy to be able talk her into opening her honey pot. Oh no, not at all. As time moved forward, soon the explorer known as Toma was stealing fleeting glances and kisses from Lacey. Something that was suspected by many folks and confirmed by a few who had seen the young couple but knew what that first love meant and kept the secret. So when the day came and she was not at her chores nor evidence she had slept in her bed, all thought she had run off with Toma. She was 14. She was legally an adult by all laws and customs of the hamlet. While tradition stated that parent approval on both sides occur for marriage, it was not all entirely unheard of for this sort of thing to happen. Especially as the person of your love lust and desire just so happens to be leaving the very day you arrive as an adult. But, near Sunfall of the day Lacey disappeared, Toma, returned. He was wounded and bleeding badly, stating that his caravan had been attacked and utterly decimated. He knew not of his attackers as they had worn garbs to conceal their identities. He remembered hearing growls and strange panting sounds and assume the attackers brought dogs, or worse, wolves. When questioned about survivors, especially young Lacey, Toma replied that she never came with. He had asked her to come but would only allow her to if she had gotten approval from her parents. Toma, planned on returning in one month time to marry the girl and take her on an adventure exploring but bring her back after a year, where they both would settle down, raise a family and live in the hamlet. Toma wanted Lacey to see the world and its beauty and how even his stories, while grand and probably best ever told in the hamlet, would never compare and capture the true essence of what was really out there. Upon hearing the lack of news of her daughter, her mother was distraught and beside herself. She was certain, hell she KNEW Lacey was with Toma and that she was safe and not missing. Toma was wrong or lying anything but telling the truth about her precious little girl. Leaving the collective, Talia raced to the stables and jump on the first horse she saw that was saddle. Unfortunate luck would have it, the horse was the stallion Renegade and was the most spirited horse of the hamlet. Talia was off and in full confidence going to find and bring back her lovely daughter. Not more than a 100 yards from the stables, Renegade bucked and flew Talia off, sailed her through the air and landing squarely on her head, smashing it wide open and killing her instantly.

A month passed. No other children disappeared. In fact, nothing else occurred either. No sounds or missing livestock. No unexplained tracks or signs of outsiders. No new travelers either. Jay Vey soon hung himself with no wife to share his love and his only daughter still missing. An act that is consider highly disgraceful, especially among a Patriarchal figure, and a shameful act that places a dark cloud on the family for generations. However, in Jay’s case he was ending his family line. His act showed devotion and sacrifice to the family he had lost and his unwillingness to give them up and create a new family. That night, the moon, normally white and pristine with a silver glow ran blood red. A Blood Moon had occurred. The hamlet was attacked for the first time. Be it luck, the ability to hide or being able to defend off the attackers, only a small portion escaped unscathed. The hamlet was nearly extinct after the first week.

Soon, the sun rose again and the invaders were no where to be seen. Lives were lost, people were missing and children had become orphans. As the citizens wondering back together at the center, seemingly lost despite the familiar yet ruinous surroundings, yelling and pains of screaming could be heard near by among the woods. Some of the villagers begin to weep thinking the attackers had return while others looked about for any means of being able to defend themselves. Soon, Toma could be seen slowly emerging from the trees fighting a cloaked man and a werewolf. Parrying the hooded man’s blade with his own, Toma used the momentum to carry himself over to the werewolf and stabbing him through the chest. As the werewolf begin to howl and die from the grievous wound, the hooded man forgot himself. A mistake that cost him his life as Toma soon behead him in fell swoop of his sword.

The villagers cheered for Toma’s victory. Toma soon spoke to the villagers and warned they had to hide. The Deputy Mayor argued that they should run but Toma explained they could not get away far enough fast enough and their only choice was to hide. When questioned where, Toma simply stated Silverlode Mine. The Silverlode Mine is the only metal source in 4 day radius in the Quan Zanzaleer Peninsula and a major reason why the hamlet was built at its location. Between the mine and the natural resources from the woods, the hamlet was able to maintain its survivability. That and the old military fort on top of the hill, back when it was used and not deemed sacrilegious, made the hamlet a well place to live. Until the night of the Blood Moon.

Over the next couple of months, Toma and the citizens held up in the mines. Their first night there, the attackers returned and soon tracked them down. However, like Toma said it would happen, the Silverlode Mine was never entered. When the villagers inquired as to why, Toma explained that he had learned from Dr. Yogami that werewolves had 2 weakness basically, fire and silver, hence hiding in the mines. Enough silver to weaken any werewolf that a normal blade could be used to finish them off. As time wore on, Toma would lead a few citizens back to the hamlet and out among the woods to gather supplies. Then one day, a figure appeared and an epic battle between him and Toma ensued. The clashing of metal on metal could be heard echoing in the halls around the mines for miles. As the battle raged on, Toma was slowly losing as fatigue crept into his body. Seeing his chance, the Mysterious Fighter pressed his advantage and soon had young Toma wounded, disarmed and lying on the floor. As he raised his spear to finish off the would be hero of the hamlet, an arrow pierced his heart from behind. Turning to see who his slayer was, the Mysterious Fighter died looking upon a woman clad in pink armor wielding a longbow. Thus, the first known emergence of the Seven Saviors occurred.

While young Toma and the hamlet’s story continues, the story of the Pink archer known as Risa follows a different path. Risa’s skills with the bow, her keen senses and her fierce determination and unwavering resolve, soon had her joining a small unit of 3 to battle evil and help promote justice under the rules and regulations of The Collection. Risa the Pink, Risa Longbow, Sharp-Eye Ris. The 3rd Member of the Seven Saviors and Prime General over Talis Mountains played a major role in vanquishing evil. It is widely believed that Seven Saviors won the War. Yes others helped but no one other individual or even group of people did more than the Seven Saviors. In fact, with them still around, Evil has no chance of re-birthing….

1.You must play an Evil character (Lawful, Neutral or Chaotic).

2.Players (and therefore characters) will work together despite their evil ways. No back stabbing in any way by another player/character.

3.Character Backgrounds may be anything you want but as detailed as possible. Several pages on average. Then somewhere along the way, you must work out how all of you came together. Include whatever you need to make your character. Places, people, items. Whatever it may be. Also, how you have been evil and managed to elude good for so long. You will be rewarded if a true background is created and established for your character. I am giving you freedom here yes but don’t break the system or abuse my gift. Include traits, flaws and all sorts of information when making your story.

4.Good started its campaign against evil and won the major battle about 17 years after, claiming actual victory at that point. That was 10 years ago. You will more than likely have to be young for your race in order to get away with how come you haven’t been noticed and also why you are only Lv. 1.

5.The town you start in is called Nilones (Ni as in Nile, lone, “es” as in ISK from Eve). Play will begin about 2 weeks before Good won The Battle of The Beginning and launched their victorious assault on Evil 27 years ago. You can be from this town or recently arrived, choice is yours and work it into back story. However, all characters must have known each other by this point for at least 3-6 months. Though an exception can be made if a good enough reason and back story can be created to compensate.

6.Nilones is currently devoid of Paladins, Clerics and others who can detect evil at a whim. This is a starter town and I don’t want you destroyed at the beginning. I know it takes away some of the element of danger but you could also work into your back story how you found out why this place is deserted of Detect Evil NPCs, and is probably a prime reason why “you chose” this town to start your evilery. And remember, your actions could cause these NPCs to show up.


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