Good is on Top - Bringing Evil Back!

Battle of the Beginning FESTIVAL!

The day has arrived. 27 years ago, Good won a major battle that started its supremacy over Evil for close to three decades. Nilones prepares for this festive occasion like every other town. However, the citizens of Nilones mourn a bit as well as the night before the owner of Nilones Bend, Bex Evans, some of the staff and a couple of tavern guests died in a horrible tragic accident as Nilones Bend burned down to the ground. Due to the timing and the early morning hours of when the flames first were noticed, everyone is in agreement that in preparation for the festival, Bex or the cook must have forgotten something on the roasting fire and burnt down the establishment. Despite this somewhat bleak morning, the Festival is soon underway and many, if not all, soon forget about the burnt down husk of a non-important tavern.

Meanwhile, the Evil 4 soon learn that no suspects foul play and continue on with their charade of being up standing citizens of both Good and Nilones. Several town’s people knew that on occasion some of the Evil 4 occupied some time within Nilones Bend’s walls and were most grateful that at least they were not there when this tragedy occurred. Some were for happy for Mira, the waitress of the tavern, as she was an orphan but seems to already have new employment among Varada’s staff. The day progresses on and soon the town notices that a fair amount of festival goods are running low. Jason Ford had his cargo train attacked and robbed by bandits is the rumor running around the town. Upon hearing this news for the first time, Varada dispatches his servants to go obtain whatever goods they can find from back at his manor and bring them forthwith to the town. No one suspects again the involvement of the Evil 4 nor their deeds.

As the party dwindles close to nightfall, a huge roar and an evil shadow soon fills the husk of the burnt down tavern. As the shadow steps for into the fading light, the town is scared for they have not seen a troll in nearly 30 years. Varada soon has the town’s people rallied and they make quick work of the troll, burning it’s body, with few casualties. Soon the night comes and Varada lets lose with a shocking surprise!

He unleashes his torrent of deadly fireworks for all the town to enjoy as his thank you for such a gracious and welcoming town. Oh and of course in honor of the Festival’s occasion for Good winning.


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